Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mr. No Legs

The genre is called dis-action.
And love the way this vid is tagged on youtube as wheelchairfu.


“The Cops want to get him. The Mob wants to hit him. But no one wants to meet
him face to face.” - that’s the tag line for Ricou Browning’s 1981 film”Mr. No
Legs”, starring Richard Jaeckel (Delta Force 2), John Agar, and Lloyd Bochner.

Mr. No Legs is a legless enforcer that rides around in a bad ass
wheelchair, equiped with side mounted shotguns that flip out of the armrests at
the push of a button. Those shotguns have auto-aim too, so even though they
point dead ahead, they can shoot dudes 3 feet off the ground with no problem. If
the guns don’t stop you, his whirlwind stump-fu will really trip you up, fool."


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