Sunday, 7 December 2008

Charlie Bit My Finger... apologies

Huge apologies for the inclusion of this.

I know Internet Phenomenae have no place on 'the mound'.

And that I'm behind the curve on this. Just wanted to put Harry, and Charlie, stuff here.

And there's more.

Here's THAMES VALLEY TONIGHT with Wesley Smith and Mary Green


"My sister and i being bored and remaking the video. Thanks for all the positive comments Hope you enjoy it! Oh & for those that were wondering we're mexican."

"Charlie bit me" 15 years later

"Charlie bit me an' tha' really hurt"
50 years later

"Charlie bit me" the hiphop remix from therotherhamboy

And Austria:
Ein 56-Sekunden-Clip mit den Titel "Charlie Bit My Finger" ist derzeit der Hit im Internet: Schon 65 Millionen Menschen haben dabei zugesehen, wie der zweijährige Charlie Davies-Carr seinem fünfjährigen Bruder Harry in den Finger beißt – und unglaublich keck lacht. Obwohl es sich genau genommen „nur“ um das witzige Heimvideo eines stolzen Vaters handelt, ist der Clip inzwischen das zwölftpopulärste Internet-Video aller Zeiten. Auf der ganzen Welt haben sich sogar Fanclubs formiert, die eigene „Charlie Bit My Finger“-Videos drehen. Bei uns kannst du dir das Video - oben ins Bild klicken! - sowie eine Auswahl der besten "Remakes" (siehe unten) ansehen!

And Brazil:
Um vídeo de duas crianças colocado pelo pai delas no site YouTube para que pudesse ser visto pelo padrinho que mora em outro país teve mais de 65 milhões de acessos.,,MUL911862-6174,00-VIDEO+DE+BEBE+MORDENDO+IRMAO+VIRA+FENOMENO+NO+YOUTUBE.html

And Daily Telegraph:
Parents Howard and Shelley Howard Davies-Carr, from Buckinghamshire, said that they had been overwhelmed by the popularity of the video, which they posted in March 2007.
"To say the response has been insane is not even close. My sons are now almost legendary. People want their autographs – it's just crazy," said Mr Davies-Carr, an IT consultant.

And the OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE PAGE (according to their dad's youtube channel, HDCYT)

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