Monday, 27 October 2008

Bestest montage ever?

I don't know what makes the perfect montage, but I seem to have fond memories of a lot of these things in the 80s and this one has a special place in my brain library. I'm sure I first saw this on VHS at school, age 13 or so, when the teacher let us have a couple of frees as it was the end of the year - Blade Runner was the other feature. Gawky kid against the bullies, comedy foreigner, fighting and a cute girl next door in tight sweaters - what's not to like? There are other montages in the film, with requisite MOR soundtrack like Peter Cetera's Glory of Love, but the good thing about this one is that it has a literally punchy ending.
The training montage is always a good one, but I'm sure there are others - comedies?

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