Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What goes up, must come down.
It's not very often you hear of a new sport being invented, after all most were created by accident - God knows what little William Webb Ellis was thinking when he picked up that ball and ran with it. At first it must have looked rather peculiar, but after a while the more people who watched it, the more it became the norm and hey presto the sport of Rugby was born. It is then with slight refrain I draw your attention to a "craze" spreading the states which appears to involve chasing small animals(mainly cats) up high objects scaring them (usually by mean of cherry picker and noose) until they drop, whilst the local news network catches it all on camera.  

I can't decided if this the embryo of a new sport we seeing or last years you've been framed.

...an impressive 80ft drop.  Not bad.  Good use of fur as parachute.

Again Nice, Good use of noose to coax out a -  spectacular horizontal fall maneuver.

Yet again good use of the noose to coax out the performance, but sub section 6.4d of the rules clearly 
states 'the actual fall must be captured on camera' and sub section 6.8 details 'once you've missed the fall, put the camera down no amount of filming is going to recreate the moment and revive your earlier bad camera work'
oh please! thats just a bear on a trampoline - Nil Pois

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