Sunday, 19 October 2008

it's always funny until someone gets hurt and then it's just hilarious

I've never seen this in a film or TV show, have you? It's almost too perfect to be believable.
Just one man enjoying his job - in the UK, they'd be wearing him as a hoodie.

I love this in part because of the sheer dumb luck involved, but also for the supercamp narrator that does all of those America's Worst Police Somethingorothers.

Ouchies in the rugby - the blow by blow reconstruction at the end is brilliant, serious yet hilarious.

I'd pay to see this kind of performance. What makes it perfect is the long pause before anyone realises that this may not actually be his act.

More painful for the viewer than the contestant. Richard O'Brien clearly couldn't give a toss.

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ManMadeMound2 said...

"I've seen this in movies."