Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Worse than Obama

Traitors! Kill them! Or some such palaver the Daily Mail's on about. It took three fully grown adults to write that and only a week-and-a-half after the original very, very funny incident, and nothing to do with Brand's apology to Sachs where he also asked to compare his misdemeanour to the Daily Mail's past hotties for Hitler. Interestingly, the Sieg Heil's article originally referred to Brand apologising on his radio show (just a week after the original incident and way too quickly for journalists to turn around a story) due to an imminent article in a newspaper, not mentioning it was their newspaper - that's now been dropped, including the reference to Brand having verbally apologised.
Apparently, the number of public complaints has now reached 10,000, despite this Mail article from two days ago saying the BBC had received just 2, a week after the programme went out.
And thankfully, we now know that Sachs would be distraught at the thought of Brand sleeping with his granddaughter, rather than, you know, really into the idea, perhaps even a little turned on, his refusal to comment until it got full media coverage merely projected coyness on his granddaughter's part, the little minx. But no, he's understandably miffed. Imagine if one of these moral crusading papers confirmed the deed, then, and showed a picture of her in kinky clobber, looking like she would if serial shagger Brand were just about to ravage her. Worse, imagine if she were topless. He'd probably have some kind of funny turn.

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